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Member Review | 5/30/15
"I’d like to let you know the boat & crew that came to my aid this day were really terrific– not just great on the water with their expertise, but were very good "people persons" in that they handled themselves with a friendly attitude and made my lousy day into a much better one. I was a member of your competition for 4 years and changed to your company after meeting one of your captains ... I hope I never get stranded again but now I feel better than ever having your support."

Member Review | 5/19/15
"Service as excellent. Highly professional and obviously knew what he (The Captain) was doing. Made my wife and I feel safe."

Member Review | 5/2/15
"While returning a trip offshore, my outboard engine failed. I called the national line and within a very short time the Red Boat arrived. We were quickly placed in a stern tow and brought smoothly to my home marina. His manner, deportment and professional ability was above reproach. Of all the decisions I have made in my life, signing up with BoatU.S. has to be my smartest."

Member Review: | 5/5/15
"This was our first incident in which we had to call TowBoat U.S and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service. This was our first time reentering the Clearwater Area and we ran aground hard. The Captain send to assist us was the most courteous and professional person we had met in a long time. Because of the lower than normal tide that day, after getting us off he led us the was down the channel ensuring we had deep enough water all the way to the marina, stood by while we docked. While embarrassed that we ran aground to begin with, I am glad TowBoatU.S was there to assist."

Member Review | 4/7/15
"My wife –– and I would like to thank you for your help in a critical situation. Our special thanks to Captain Dan! He is the greatest on all seven seas!"

Member Review | 3/17/15
"Had to call for a soft ungrounding and couldn’t be happier with the service. Tow boat was on the scene within 30 minutes, and the captain was friendly, courteous, and professional. The safety of everyone on board my vessel was his #1 concern. He got us underway and even escorted us to the nearest channel since we were new to the area. Top notch service!"

Member Review | 4/9/15
"We were very impressed when we needed to be towed. He was quick, courteous, and took care of our needs. Thank you for the great service."

Member Review | 2/1/15
"Of all the years I’ve been fishing/boating, I never thought I’d be in a position that I would need to have my boat towed, but let me tell you I surely did APPRECIATE the towing service call I made for my boat. I was amazed at the quick response they provided. The captain of the tow boat was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. Thank you America Marine Services and Boat U.S.!!!"

Member Review | 4/27/15
"The channel at Clearwater, FL, where I went aground was too shallow for my draught but the FL cruising guide showed it to be preferred route. Service was extremely well done, very professional. First time use for me, sorry about that, but pleased to be a Boat U.S. member for all these years!"

Member Review | 5/29/15
"Love it! One tow and we’ve already exceeded our yearly fee! They were quick, courteous, and very professional. Thank you!"

Member Review | 5/20/15
"My 18′ seadoo was stranded in a very shallow area and though we tried, we were unable to push it to deeper water. Our motor overheated and wouldn’t start so we then called BoatU.S. Our rescue boat was there within a few minutes– he threw me a rope, towed me to deeper water and then to our dock. He was very courteous, prompt and very helpful. I’m so glad I joined BoatU.S.–– I just renewed my insurance again last week. Thank you for your awesome service!"

Member Review | 5/19/15
"The captain of TowBoatU.S, did a great job. He was very helpful and polite. Thank you very much BoatU.S."

Member Review | 4/28/15
"Captain Jason was TERRIFIC– got us back to our slip in a professional & orderly manner. Happy to be a Tow Boat U.S. member."

"strong>Member Review | 5/19/15
"Captain Lee (of American Marine Services) was really terrific!!! He was very safety minded, seas were rough and we had several 9/10 year olds on board. Be comfortable towed us back to our house in Indian rocks and gently pushed us into our dock/lift. Very positive experience in a very stressful situation. Thank you!"

Member Review | 5/11/15
"In all my years (70) I have never encountered such a professional young man as Jason the skipper of the cat boat you sent to rescue me off Egmont Key on 5/11/12. Smart, courteous, and most caring are words to describe at a minimum. A boat owner without [them] should not be on a boat!"

Member Review | 5/2/15
"Ran aground in the ICW in Treasure Island 30 minutes in to taking delivery of a new boat. Captain Dallas was right on the spot in 30 minutes and had us off the sand flat quickly. What a relief to have BoatUS towing insurance!"

Member Review | 4/15/15
"Requesting service was east; once I have the vessel name to dispatcher she already had all my insurance info. Quick arrival and very friendly service."

Member Review | 4/29/15
"I wanted to comment on how impressed I am with Capt. George Ingram. His boat control was very impressive as we were being towed back to the dock. There weren’t any slips open, he managed to maneuver both boats into position and got us to the dock very safe and smooth. We have a 26′ boat. He is also very professional! Thank you."

Member Review | 3/25/15
"Capt. Alex Perrone tool the call and provided prompt, professional and courteous service. Outstanding! It’s reassuring to have this service available."

Member Review | 4/28/15
"Capt. Alex of TowBoatU.S. was prompt, friendly and gave me 6 gallons of fuel that I required to get back to the Marina. It was the first time I used the service, and it was well worth the membership fee. I highly recommend the TowBoatU.S. service for any boater out in the West Coast of Florida."

Member Review | 4/29/15
"The operator of the tow vessel was the utmost of a professional. He was helpful and courteous and could not have been better. He makes you service worth every penny. I only wish all service providers could have his helpful attitude. Thank you for such a great person to assist us."

Member Review | 3/18/15
"We are so grateful to American Marine Services. They got to us very quickly and got us back to our slip safely. The towboat operator even managed to put a smile on our faces at a bad time. He was great and a very skilled captain. No one should be without BoatU.S. towing. It saved our day."

Member Review | 4/7/15
"My experience was great! I got on my two way radio and they picked right up, within 5 mins I could see the boat about a half mile from me. They came up next to me and I said "It’s my first time." Captain Dallas said what to do and in minutes we were under tow. Once at dock we docked safe and east. It was a great first time. Two good things: no charge on tow and only $90 to fix boat."

Member Review | 2/15/15
"Late afternoon, two small children on boat, couldn’t ask for any better service, quick and efficient, wouldn’t be without your towing service."

Member Review | 1/20/15
"The tow boat captain was professional, competent, and friendly. We were stranded 20nm out in the gulf. Everything went smoothly all the way to my dock. I subsequently found out that a cylinder was blown. I am glad I purchased unlimited coverage."

Member Review | 2/6/15
"Outstanding service! We were towed from a bar (soft ungrounding) on a extremely low tide. Chart showed ample depth. Boat captain was knowledgeable and courteous. We are blessed to have your service at our beck and call. Thanks again."

Member Review | 7/4/14
"I felt the service was superb. The operator was courteous and friendly and based on his estimates of when he would get to me it was right on. This service is a must for any boater."

Member Review | 6/2/14
"Captain Alex Perrone was courteous, helpful, and professional. A great comfort at a stressful time."

Member Review | 7/4/14
"The tower responded promptly, connected the tow line efficiently, towed me at a good speed and delivered me to my dock expertly. I could not have had a better tow, and I am delighted with the service."

Member Review | 7/14/14
"Towboat Captain Jason #110 was extremely professional and accomodating. Very easy to contact after initial call and made the tow back seamless. Upon arrival to the home dock, his skill on placing the boat at the dock were impeccable. This was my first stranding, hope I never get stranded again but if I do I hope all captains are like Jason."

Member Review | 7/2/14
"We were stranded in the water approx. 5 miles away from our marina when we had a small engine fire which completely disabled the engine. We set our anchor, made the call to Boat U.S.. Total time for assistance to arrive was about 45 minutes and when considering the distance our tower had to travel this was an amazing response time. Our tow was handled by Captain "Dan the Clam Man" and his wife. We had to travel on a very congested waterway and Dan did a very professional job and docked us at our marina a short time later. Overall a great job BoatU.S., Thank you!"

Member Review | 6/3/14
"Great service. Captain was curteous, knowledgeable, and patient. Gave assistance to my rew by running them to shore, and stayed with us until the time came in and we were able to tow off the shallows."

Member Review | 8/3/14
"Captain Mike’s service was exceptional. We got the boat running again before he arrived, but he remained available until he knew we had everything under control again."

Member Review | 6/9/14
"The two men that came to our rescue were very polite and professional. I really appreciated the fact that they called us several times while we were waiting just to make sure we were okay and to give us an ETA. We waitied about an hour and forty-five minutes; we were pretty far up the river so that wasn’t bad timing."

Member Review | 7/14/14
"The TowBoatU.S. Captain arrived promptly (less than an hour after our first call) and towed us to the boat ramp in time to get boat to the repair shop before they closed on a Saturday. Captain was very courteous, professional and proficient. We had small children onboard and this was a pleasant experience when otherwise it could have been a bad memory. Thank you, TowBoatU.S.!"

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